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A preliminary or portable breath test, also known as a PBT, is designed to be a quick way for a police officer to test if a suspect has recently consumed alcohol. PBTs are small handheld devices that are gaining popularity with police officers as a quick means of determining if a person has been drinking alcohol. These PBTs are largely inaccurate and provide many false positives, especially if they are not properly maintained or administered correctly. Moreover, a PBT does not provide any indication as to how much alcohol is in a person's system, just that it "might" be present.

In fact, many officers have failed to administer field sobriety tests and have arrested a person for DWI solely based on a PBT result only to find the driver's blood alcohol content (BAC) is not over the legal limit of 0.08 (drivers over 21 years old).

Portable breath test results are not admissible in court and can only be used to help establish probably cause. The courts acknowledge the PBTs are inaccurate, easily damaged, not maintained and provide little indication, if any, of a person's impairment or intoxication.

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