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Fix speeding tickets for just $45.One of the most common traffic violations is exceeding the posted speed limit, also know as speeding. Speeding tickets generate a significant amount of revenue for many municipalities in the St. Louis area.

An experienced traffic law attorney can save you money in the long run. People who plead guilty to a speeding ticket often find they end up paying more than just the fine for the speeding ticket. Most car insurance companies will raise the insurance rates for people with points on their Missouri Driver's License. The increased rate far exceeds the cost to retain an attorney at Andreyuk & Brazil, LLC.

Aside from increased insurance rates, speeding tickets may prevent some people from performing their job functions. That is, some employers require their employees to maintain a clean driving record as a condition of employment. Couriers and other people that earn a living by driving may wish to avoid a moving violation conviction to protect their livelihood.

Our traffic law attorneys amend or "fix" speeding tickets regularly. In fact, our speeding attorneys handle such a volume of tickets the rates start at just $45/ticket...lower than any other law firm in the area!

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