Estate Planning Law

Planning for the future is a vital step to safeguard your assets, protect your loved ones, and ensure your wishes are honored. At Andreyuk & Brazil Law Firm, our dedicated attorneys understand the importance of effective estate planning. With our comprehensive range of estate planning law services, we are committed to assisting clients in the greater St. Louis metro area with creating personalized plans that reflect their unique needs and goals.

A well-crafted will is the foundation of any estate plan. Our experienced attorneys work closely with clients to draft clear and legally sound wills that express their wishes regarding the distribution of assets, appointment of guardians for minor children, and other important matters. By carefully addressing every aspect, we help clients gain peace of mind knowing that their intentions will be carried out.

Trusts offer flexible and powerful estate planning tools that can address specific needs and provide various benefits. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge in establishing revocable and irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts, and other types of trusts tailored to our clients’ objectives. We guide clients through the complexities of trust creation and administration to ensure their assets are protected, tax implications are considered, and their beneficiaries are well provided for.

Powers of Attorney:
Planning for incapacity is an essential aspect of estate planning. We help clients designate trusted individuals through powers of attorney, granting them the authority to make important financial and healthcare decisions on their behalf in case they become unable to do so themselves. By carefully drafting powers of attorney, we ensure our clients’ interests and well-being are protected during times of incapacity.

Healthcare Directives:
Healthcare directives, including living wills and healthcare powers of attorney, allow individuals to express their preferences regarding medical treatment and end-of-life care. Our attorneys provide guidance in creating these important documents, ensuring that our clients’ healthcare wishes are respected and honored.

Avoiding Probate Court:
Every estate must go throught the Probate process; however, not all assets have to go through Probate court is you take the appropriate steps.  An estate planning attorney can help you minimize the assets that must go through probate, thereby saving your heir(s) thousands of dollars in estate tax.  Creating a living trust and placing assets in that trust is one of the most common ways to avoid Probate.  Designating beneficiaries of retirement accounts, life insurance, bank accounts and more is another approach.  We can create a comprehensive estate plan to achieve your goals.

At Andreyuk & Brazil Law Firm, we recognize that estate planning is a deeply personal and multifaceted process. Our attorneys take the time to understand our clients’ goals, assets, and family dynamics, allowing us to develop customized strategies that align with their specific needs. We prioritize clear communication, ensuring that clients have a comprehensive understanding of their estate plans and are empowered to make informed decisions.

With our extensive experience in estate planning law, Andreyuk & Brazil Law Firm has built a reputation for providing exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail. We stay up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations to ensure our clients’ estate plans are comprehensive and legally compliant.

Protecting your legacy and securing your future requires proactive estate planning. If you are ready to create or update your estate plan, contact Andreyuk & Brazil Law Firm today. Our dedicated attorneys are here to provide you with the guidance, support, and expertise needed to develop a comprehensive estate plan that reflects your unique wishes and safeguards your assets for generations to come.

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